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for life's not a paragraph. And death i think is no parenthesis. Read the Printed Word!
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This is a song I wrote about two years ago, however I just recently revisited it for my Music & Entertainment Business class. I recorded it and added the orchestration in our house studio. Just wanted to share!


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*puts on blow by beyonce*




"make sure you clean that, it’s the only way to get the….



i can’t explain my love for this.

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You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for the writers of Parenthood to write a gay character into the show. NO IDEA. In fact, a few years ago, in a New Years entertainment AfterEllen Huddle wish list, I listed “a gay character on Parenthood” as my only wish for 2011. Three years later, my wish has been granted. Cue the acoustic lady jams and move the Tegan and Sara poster from Amber’s room, seems Haddie is coming out of hiding, and with her, she’s bringing a girlfriend.

At first we see Haddie on her flight from the east coast. Thinking she’s alone, she taps an unfamiliar girl next to her, to lean over her and look out the window. Except, we do know that girl! It’s Tavi Gevinson of Rookie fame! I’m with you, she is an odd choice for any acting roll, and I had no idea she was college aged yet, but indeed she is, I checked. As for Haddie, as she walks up to her childhood home to the WELCOME BACK HADDIE sign being hung across the front entrance, it seems she’s looking hotter, collegian, and slightly more Clea Duvall in a pantsuit. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, she introduces Lauren to her parents as her “super awesome best friend.” Seems we have a story arc to uphold.






Girl, interrupted (1999) 


when you realise you’ve eaten more than the rest of your friends at a party


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If I saw this video before I tried talking to that girl at Forever 21, I probably would’ve given this a try……

She makes it look way too easy.

This is amazing.