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for life's not a paragraph. And death i think is no parenthesis. Read the Printed Word!
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when referring to people, use “glitch” instead of “bitch”. call them glitches. say theyre being glitchy. not only do you get to avoid using a misogynistic slur, you can also imply that their negativity is an anomaly in the web grid of your life and thus needs to be patched


…I’m down…

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yea sex is pretty good but have u ever taken a nap with someone


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And how odd it is
to be haunted by someone
that is still alive.
I Guess the Old You is a Ghost (#589: June 25, 2014)

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Get to know me meme[3/5] favorite relationships: Brangelina
" I’ll talk to my family. I talk to Brad Pitt. … I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to."

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I can’t decide if this is cute, weird, or disturbing, but what I do know is that I squealed with delight when I first saw it.

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Even when you

were at your worst,

and I cut my hands

wide open

from picking up

your broken pieces,

I still loved you.


The distinct difference between dogges and cattes: the post.

Catte: “The poor fool! He doesn’t even know we’re about to die.”

Dogge: “Man Laugh. Dogge Good. GOOD DOGGE.”

@arianagrande: Thought i accidentally wrote “porno work” and almost died”

cannot handle

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